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Our Rescue Puppy Bailey - update

Our Rescue Puppy Bailey - update

25 Apr 2021

Bailey arrived late in October as we moved into a cold and wet winter, a lot different to what he was used to in Zakyinthos. He has adapted well to underfloor central heating and is happy to sit and watch TV most evenings on his blanket.

One of our biggest challenges was how was he going to be received by our 4 cats!

Quite a worry and had we expected too much of them all.

Well it took a few weeks but by Christmas the Cats were ruling the roost as you would expect and Bailey soon new his place. Thankfully all can sit happily in the same room together, his inquisitiveness always gets the better of himself, but he is quickly put back in his place. 


We did some research about his origins and made some incredible discoveries, look out for more info in detail on future blogs

He is a happy, lively and contented Puppy, that has really made himself home and become a wonderful member of our family


HHe also got involved in our annual Easter Egg Hunt