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Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 6

Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 6

31 Dec 2019

Mrs Dog Collar Boutique had a plan....


She would look to make Fluffy his own home made Dog collar and lead - not quite a Designer Dog Collar - but to all tense and purposes - the most important collar she would make from just materials we had lying about.

The plan was to create a loop that would allows to be able to control Fluffy - so that we could get him into the car.

We had just one chance as failure could mean Fluffy would race off and leave us no time to help him before he left

The pressure was truly on - we really needed to get Fluffy to a safe place where he would be looked after.

The plan was set - Fluffly greeted us as normal with those beautiful eyes and flapping tail - we were his friends - would  he trust us enough to help give him what he needed.

We had just one chance - while we petted him and told him how much we loved him - the "fluffy lead and collar " was gently placed over him.

He didnt struggle or stress - he trusted us - maybe he loved us too - maybe he just knew we were trying to help him.

Now for the tricky bit - lifting him gently into the car 

again whether it was luck or his trust for us - this wonderful dog Fluffy let us lift us into the car - with him now secure we just had to keep him calm and safe and get him on the next stage of his journey

Mrs Dog Collar Boutique sat with him all the way - talking to him sofly and smoothly - keeping the tears at bay.

We knew we were doing the right thing - we hope he understood it was the best thing for him.

He never cried, barked or fussed - he was so well behaved.

We got to our desitnations - kept our goobyes to a minimum so as to not stress him and get him onto the next stage of the journey with minimum of fuss.

We left him with a BIG bag of food and treats, his chewy bone and the ball we bought him so he could continue to learn to fetch.

We waved him goodbye - told him we loved him lots and all that was left was for us to let him go - with quite a few tears.

We keep in regular touch with Fluffy who is now looking for his forever home in Milan

today he is safe, happy and socialising with other dogs.

He loves to play - he just needs a family to look after him forever.

One very lucky dog hopefully and we were lucky to have met and helped him.

His paw print will be forever etched on our hearts.