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Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 4

Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 4

18 Dec 2019

Over the coming days  we played and played with Fluffy

He was so full of energy - he loved to be chased.

He still loved to grab your shoes and hide them in the garden - he was full of adventure and playful devilment.

That evening it rained and rained - Fluffy went missing for a while - was he hiding / sheltering .

We had to know - so armed with a brolly we ventured out - we found him wandereing from Olive tree to Olive tree - looking for refuge - we couldnt leave him outdoors

With much coaching and negotiating  we mangage to show him that being inside the house was his best option - he would be wiser to take shelter.

He was nervous, but gradully gained trust and confidence - he was dry and content.

But with just with one day to go - we needed to find a solution  - who would look after Fluffy when we left.....