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Fluffy Dog Tales - chapter 3

Fluffy Dog Tales - chapter 3

14 Oct 2019

So did Fluffy run off after breakfast and his drink

nothing of the sort

He started to make himself at home

He sat about 10 metres from us and gradually started to get comfortble.

He got up and down every so often - got himself a drink, had a little dried food, found some shade and even tried to make it off with our flip flops again (note to self - keep them out of reach}

he was becoming attached to us .....

Fluffy was no ordinary dog - yes he was homeless - but he was used to and comfortable with people

He had been abandoned and fend for himself - how can people be so hearless

Had he grown too big?

Was he too much for an old person?

Had his owners gone home after the holidays?


Now the dilema for us was what could we do to help this beautiful soul

We were only here for a short break and would be heading home in just a few days - what could we do....

Chapter 4 in just a few days