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bailey dcb collar.jpg

Bailey arrived late in October as we moved into a cold and wet winter, a lot...

25th Apr 2021


Our very own rescue puppy has arrived in recent weeks fthrom Zakyinthos in...

12th Nov 2020

fluffy home crop 3.jpg

On our last update - we had left Fluffy as he had just arrived at a lovely...

31st Jan 2020


Mrs Dog Collar Boutique had a plan.... She would look to make...

31st Dec 2019


So Fluffy was gaining confidence with us and as you can see when he was not...

20th Dec 2019


Over the coming days we played and played with Fluffy He was so...

18th Dec 2019

fluffy 4.jpg

Well we didnt expect a beautiful, yet stray and much in need dog, we...

10th Oct 2019

fluffy blog 1.jpg

How can anyone resist such a trusting face - well in Southern Italy many...

26th Sep 2019

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