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Why does "mans best friend" need spoiling?

Why does "mans best friend" need spoiling?

14 Dec 2018

We get so much enjoyment from our dogs, but do we really spoil them enough?

How could we, its impossible........

They give us so much pleasure and of course we do our best, but could we do more?

Of course we could, but how?

More time ? - no excuse to say we dont have the time - make the time - your dog will reward you infinetly.

Pick a fixed time to take time for an extra few minutes everydayto tell them how much you care.

Go for an extra walk at least once a week at a time they wont expect - they will love the suprise and you might feel the benefit too.

Spoil them with their favourite treats and vary them.

Buy them a new toy - doesnt have to be expensive, just look at how much enjoyment, Monty Dons, pal Nigel gets from an old tennis ball.

And of course - they need to look their best when out on a lead - so dont forget a lovely fresh looking matching lead and collar  - when was the last time you changed theirs?

Dont forget the Dog Collar Boutique has all that you and your dog could ever desire.