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Whats the nations favourite dogs in the UK?

Whats the nations favourite dogs in the UK?

We often get asked at shows, walks, customers - what do we think is the UK's favourite dog breed today.

Initially we could only guess from what we see and here - but thats not good enough - people want to know, so we thought it needed a Dog Collar Boutique investigation.

Sadly, as important as our pets are to us and are family, they dont appear on the nations census every 10 years  - (note to self - we need to set up a petition to get this detail added)

so not an easy task - but we felt here at Dog Collar Boutique we had a duty to do that for you.

Our initial thought was Labs, German Shepherds, Boxers - but we had to be more scientific.

According to MarieClaire in 2018 the good old Labrador was the favourite, but what a difference a year makes 

so here they are - in reverse order

10. Mixed Breeds

9. Golden Retriever

8. German Shepherd

7. Border Collie

6. Boxer

5. Cocker Spaniel

4. Springer Spaniel

3. Labrador

2. Cockapoo

1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Well thats Marie Claires - view what do you think?

We needed to see if there were more views out there - 

We next looked at the Kennel Club - they should know a breed or three!

(they register 30% of puppies per year)

Firstly they told us that Dog Ownership is on the increase - 26% own a dog.

Can you believe nearly 1/4 million puppies were registered last year.

and they came to a similar conclusions - but plumped for the Lab - (14% of registrations) but said French Bull Dogs Terriers were on a dramatic increase  with 13% - but no mention of the Staffies?

Why the increase in French Bull dogs, surely cant all be down to the Beckhams and Lady Gaga?

Maybe smaller dogs just suit our lifestyles

At Dog Collar Boutique, spending time outdoors and going for walks - is great for our pets and owners alike, regardless of breeds. We are here to help in any questions you might have - particulary on what collar best suits your best friend,


In conclusion the nations favourite dog can only be the one we hold dear and cherish. The one who chases what we throw to them -