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Have you heard of Silver Fox Rescue?

Have you heard of Silver Fox Rescue?

1 Oct 2019

Here at Dog Collar Boutique, we are always keen to share the good work that so many amazing people do - here one of our valued friends shares this heart warming story of Oliver.........


Its a  story from Silver Fox Rescue





They are a dedicated team of volunteers, who rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the UK, Europe and China.


They help in situations where a dog cannot stay in their home due to situations out of the owners control, such as:


  • bereavement/health issues,
  • financial issues,
  • housing issues etc.  

None of their our dogs are kept in kennels, they go into foster homes where they are fully assessed around family's, cats, other dogs and general day to day home living.

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before going to homes that have been home checked and will always have lifetime care.

If you feel you can give one of our dogs a permanent, loving home where they will be treated as family members for the rest of their lives then please contact them.

Anybody who is interested in adopting one of their dogs will have a routine home check carried out by one of our team or the volunteer home checkers team.

If your home is a match for one of the dogs then the adoption process can go ahead. It  must be  stressed  homes are chosen on who is the best, most suitable match for that dog




Here is Olivers story......


Oliver was found on the streets in Romania. He was skinny, his fur was extremely matted and missing from his nose and tail. He also at some point had one of his ribs broken. 






He is now living happily in England with his new best friend.



He has gained weight and his fur has grown back on his nose and tail. He loves to go for walks and chase the ball.