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Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 7 - GOOD NEWS

Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 7 - GOOD NEWS

31 Jan 2020

On our last update - we had left Fluffy as he had just arrived at a lovely Rescue Centre in Milan - with some very kind people 


They shared photos with us and a special video showing how he was socialising with other dogs

He was safe, warm, happy - but still we wanted more for him he deserved his forever home.

The weeks passed, they became months - Christmas approached - we knew that would be a delay.

We debated could we take him again - would it be fair on him to force a journey to the UK.

We were still optimistic that 2020 would be good for Fluffy - we just wanted him to be settled.

Lo and behold we have just had news (and Pictures) that Fluffy has a home

How happy does he look!

That famous tongue and bright eyes are showing how happy he is.

We will post more pictures and news as we get them - but wanted to share the GOOD NEWS as we had it!