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Fluffy Dog Tales -  Chapter 5

Fluffy Dog Tales - Chapter 5

20 Dec 2019

So Fluffy was gaining confidence with us and as you can see when he was not playing he was happy to just relax in our company. He was no fool either - he would find a shetered spot in the shade.

We were getting more and more attached - he was such a loving boy and we was starting to rely on us. We had settled into a pattern of feeding him first thing, a little chasing / teasing / shoe stealing / more food and of course relaxing alongside us.

But we were due to go home ......

We couldnt abandon him, so what could we do....

Well Mrs Dog Collar Boutique had an idea to post our plight via Social Media in the hope that her very good friends and their connections hopefully in southern Italy could give us some advice and support.

We contact a local "rescue center in Ostuni - but sadly unlesss we were committed to spend vast sums of money they would not lend support

We contacted directly friends living in Italy - but no one could help in such a short time.

Then as if by magic Fluffy found his guardian angel.

Via ????? a lady put us in touch with a rescue shelter for dogs in Milan - who had a contact in a neighbouring town to Ostuni  about one hour away.

We had to try and get Fluffy to them - no easy task.

But what a  great example of Social Media coming to the rescue of Mans best friend

Next morning we now had a plan.

But we had no collar for Fluffy - how would we be able to secure him and get him in the car

Would he just run away

Even if we were able to get him in our small car - would he panic, would he be scared , would he trust us.

We had a night to sleep on it