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Fluffy Dog Tales - chapter 2

Fluffy Dog Tales - chapter 2

10 Oct 2019

Well we didnt expect a beautiful, yet stray and much in need dog, we retrieved our bitten and slightly dishevelled flip flops and hoped we might see him again. He obviously loved to play.

Thats what Puppys do right?

We couldnt deny him that - but obvioulsy his owners could.....

That evening we had to go to the Supermarket and get a few tins of Dog food to add to the cat food (we feed the stray cats in town too)

So before bed a tasty bowl of dog food was left out for what we knew would be a hungry puppy.

By leaving out some food ( and not flip flops) - we hoped would gain his trust and we could check out he was all fit and well, that had to be the first objective.

Well it wasnt long before the first tentative steps as he tried out the tasty treats we left out for him.

We observed him from a distance - not being able so see much in the pitch black - but we could hear him

Fluffy as we now referred to him was a noisey chomper- he loved his food.

Dry food followed and then we could tell he was hungry - he had his fill and then he trooped off to where he felt safe and secure - after all he had been surving out in the countryside

Day two arrived  and we hoped we would see Fluffy - or would he have just had his fill and disapperaed in his hunt for survival.

Low and behold over breakfast there was Fluffy - watching us, seeing if we were to be trusted - from a slight distance and a little usure.

We tempted him with titbits from the table - he was gradually gaining confidence

We filled his bowl with the remnants of the tin ( was a big tin) and he polished that off.

We were gaining his trust - he trotted off - not to leave but to drink from the watering can at the side of the house - he knew where to find water

We were getting to understand him a little

But would he just use us for food or did he really want some more - we hoped he wanted to be saved....