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Fluffy Dog tales - chapter 1 -

Fluffy Dog tales - chapter 1 -

26 Sep 2019

How can anyone resist such a trusting face - well in Southern Italy many abandon their puppys - leaving them to fend for themselves

We pause at this point as here at Dog Colllar Boutique - this is just impossible to digest and comprehend.

But enough of the heavy stuff - even though our aim here is to raise awareness of such injustices

. So how did we get to meet Fluffy and Why Fluffy? 

Well Dog Collar Boutique was taking a short break to Puglia in southern Italy ( that's the heal bit / or hind leg of Italy) We settled ourselves in after a very early Ryan Air Flight. Tired, dazed, disorientated.

Something flashed by our window, it didnt register - the last thing we expected was to see a dog and a puppy dog at that. We thought nothing more as thought we were just tired.

We recharged by the pool, had a doze ( as you do ) 

Looked down to put the flip flops back on - but where had they gone - nowhere to be seen

But we did spot some overwhelming evidence

The print of a Mammoth - not in southern Italy surely.

And  then we spotted by the other side of the gardens this beautiful boy staring back at us.

This was the start of quite a few fun and eventful days 

to be continued.......